Legion is the new brand from Knox Clothing. Knox have been selling the products that Legion Team Sports now offer, since 2007. Due to a change in management, Knox will now become a brand for strength athletes, and Legion will take over the custom uniform business.

When Knox Clothing started the main focus was on football (American football) uniforms. As the business grew, so did the numbers of players which would ask Knox to tailor the fit of their apparel. Often it was a problem with pants that did not fit, but also hoodies and varsity jackets became a problem. The young guys did not want to buy clothing, that was either too loose or would look like construction wear. So in 2014, the team behind Knox, decided they would create a brand for strength athletes that would fit and look modern. This leads us to today, where Knox have spend the last three years, measuring and interviewing hundreds of men, in order to get the first products out to the consumers. If you want to know how that story continues, head over to www.knoxclothing.com.

Back at Legion Team Sports we have updated all the patterns, introduced new unique fabrics like DuPont™ Kevlar® and our own Powerhex®. We maintain our no order minimum and our one year warranty against poor workmanship service for all consumers. In Europe, we are starting to welcome more and more resellers and this will only grow as we add more and more sports.

We are also introducing a Facebook group, where you can always check out new products and our latest promotions. If we have a promotion running, it will be visible on Facebook first, so make sure to follow us on Facebook.

Lastly, we kindly ask that you have some patience with us. We are in a transition phase where not all information and features are available. We will keep you posted as projects are being completed. Should you have any questions, or you cannot find a product, simple use the contact form or email us at sales@legionteamsports.com and we will get an answer over to you right away.

“We never compromise and we expect you to do the same”

We take the same approach to greatness as Vince Lombardi which is “strive for perfect and you will get excellent”. We want to create products that enhance the players skills and motivate him to excel using our products. Good is just not good enough – we want to be excellent !

We want Legion Team Sports to be known for its fit, comfort, quality materials and workmanship. Providing products for any level of play to anybody in the world. Our core value Relentless Pursuit for Perfection is a core value for our company and our employees.