Please see our FAQ section below. If you still have questions, use the contact form, and we will make sure the correct person gets back to you within 1-2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any discounts ?
– Yes. We offer volume discounts and free products with larger team orders.

Can I request a sample ?
– Yes. When you have placed your order we often send out samples for you to complete your roster. This is free. Buying one sample will be too expensive.

Will I receive a sample of my ordered uniform ?
– Only upon request and this will incur additional production and shipping cost. We normally send you a picture of the first finished product via email.

What is critical for you to complete my order ?
– We need your logo in a vector format like eps, ai, cdr etc. and we need the pantone color codes. Often we can find these in your logo file, but it is always nice to hand on hand. Finally we need your roster. We need to know what names and numbers go on which sizes. Having these on-hand will help to move the ordering process along.

What is the minimum order quantity ?
– We do not have an order minimum. However ordering one will be very expensive due to shipping and duties. We recommend ordering a minimum of five products but remember you can mix and match the products you need.


Do you offer any discounts ?
– Yes. We offer volume discounts both on one product or a group of products. Simply contact us to receive a quote.

Do you use promo codes ?
– Yes. All promos will be shown on our Facebook group first before any other social media.

Do you offer sponsorship’s ?
– We do sponsor players, teams and clubs. Even the teams that cannot afford our products. So just reach out to us. We are open to any and all opportunities. We all started somewhere.

Do you have an affiliate program ?
– No. We have a referral program. If you refer a customer to us, we will offer you a discount too. Great for those reorders.

How can we get the price down on our order ?
– We offer discount if you commit to providing us with marketing materials. the discount depends on if this is a share, a like, a picture or a video. Just tells what you can do for us and we will return the favor.


When do I need to pay ?
– You would need to settle payment once we have quoted you, before we do any design work.

How can I pay for my order ?
– You can pay with PayPal or credit card when we send you an invoice. For the larger orders we always recommend you consider PayPal Credit. You need to apply for that credit to be added to your PayPal account. You can pay via bank transfer but we cannot start the design process before we receive the funds.

Do you offer financing ?
– No. We always recommend that you apply for credit with PayPal.

Do you accept group orders ?
– Group orders are where individuals pay for their own product as part of a larger order. Yes, we do allow for group orders.

Can you charge our sponsor ?
– Yes. Payments terms are the same for them as everyone else.


Where do you ship from ?
– We ship our products from Leeds in United Kingdom for our European customers. In US we ship products from Brick, NJ.

How do you ship the products ?
– We ship using DHL from United Kingdom. In US we use USPS. If you want us to ship using your own account we can do so.

Where are the products made ?
– The products can be made in any of our three factories in Mexico, Pakistan or China. Should you want us to drop ship items to you we can do so, but you would be charged the import tax and duties.

How much does shipping cost ?
– We will always use the cheapest option to ship your order and if you use our shipping method, you will not see any import tax or duties. Are shipments are based upon weight. so the more you order the more expensive it will be.

Should I expect any import duties ?
– No. Unless you want us to drop ship the order to you. Then you should expect import duties and import tax.