All measurements in this size chart are in inches and actual garment measurements, when the garment is in its relaxed state. The measurements do not account for stretch or other garment features. For instance a short laying flat on the table will have these exact waist measurements.

To find your size you can either measure yourself and then account for the stretch, or you can take the measurements from another garment which has the fit you require. Simply match these measurements to the size chart. If you are between sizes go with the smaller size for a tighter fit or go with the larger size for a more loose fit.

Every garment has a different type of fit (loose, regular, fitted, compression). To find your size simply match the fit and your measurements to a size.

  • Loose fit : Men’s Lacrosse
  • Regular fit : Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
  • Fitted fit : Women’s Lacrosse, Rugby
  • Compression fit : Football